Positioning system
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Hich-accuracy absolute measurement

The displacement measuring system Magnettrack is absolute. What this means is that unlike incremental systems where to get the process started the object of positioning has to be brought into a zero position or any other reference position,the object receives a signal about its position right after you turn on or restart the power supply. This feature of the magnettrack system saves user’s time, which is particularly important for objects with high operational reach, as well as when the equipment run time is of high value.

High accuracy of measurement is another substantial advantage of the magnettrack system. For the Balluff transducer used as a measuring scale in the magnettrack system tens of microns accuracy is not a problem. However, quite often the user may need not an absolute accuracy of movement, but repeatable measurement necessary for positioning. In this context, the Balluff transducer has exceptionally high precision, up to 5 mcm.

Absolute principle of movement measurement and high precision constitute serious competitive strengths and at the same time increase the liquidity of equipment.