Positioning system
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Fast and easy installation and commissioning, easy maintenance

This is a significant advantage for those who know the value of time and comfort. Usually, such users work in 24/7 mode, where stoppage in production is acceptable only for the purposes of the planned preventive maintenance and only for the relatively short period of time. The magnettrack measuring system can be deployed exactly within the maintenance time. Our customers do not needadditional equipment downtime toperform the deployment procedure.The stoppage in production always has a very bad influence on the businesses which set production schedules in terms of the maximum equipment capability and its failure-free operation.

How to deploy the magnettrack system? It’s quite simply!

First, you need to set up a linear variable displacement transducer on the object of positioning and hook it up. After this,you should upload a system driver and data processing program to the controller.

Next, you need to install the markers on the track of the object’s movement.Magnettrack engineers tried to make the process of markers’ placement as easy, flexible and quick as possible. In this context, the adaptive system magnettrack with the interval markers is the best solution for the given problem. Unlike the other positioning systems where the markers (sensing elements) have to be placed in the strictly predefined positions, when placing the markers of the adaptive system magnettrackyou need to followonly two rules: the distance between adjacent ends of the interval markers should not be less than the size of the marker, and the distance between the opposite ends of the markers should not exceed the measurement length of the transducer!

Another feature of the track marking is that the markers do not have sequence numbers and can be installed in random order, for example in two or more groups simultaneously!

Consequently, installation of the markers:

The combination ofthese advantages allows installing markers in the shortest term and with a minimum of effort which makes this process a pleasure! After the markers are installed, turn on the system. It will start working immediately!

But this is only part of the story. If in the course of operation you would need to extend the positioning zone, you can just add additional markers according to the above-mentioned rules which undoubtedly makes the magnettrack system more flexible.

Finally, let’s turn to the maintenance issue. There is a rule that the faster and easier installation of the equipment, the more difficult it will be to carry out the maintenance. This rule doesn’t work for the adaptive system magnettrack. The fact is that any marker that was someway damaged during production or repair can be replaced with the marker from the service kit according to the same rules of markers’ installation. In other words, the new marker hasn’t to be placed exactly in the position of the broken-down one!