Positioning system
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Vibration and shock resistance

It is well known that manufacturing sitesare not exactly the equipment-friendly environment. To create the industrial equipment of high quality, it isimportant to consider such fixed operational factors as the high amount of polluting and chemically active substances in the usage environment as well as constant vibration and shock loads. This is especially important for the magnettrack positioning system. Generally, the system is set up on the heavy objects. At the moment of start-up and braking, as well as while moving, the slightest track irregularity, for example, at the rail joints causes shocks and vibration to the heavy object of positioning. Such exposure is far from safe both for the object and the equipment. Vibration and shock loads are destructive to any material objects they affect. To ensure reliability and durability of the magnettrack system, its ‘weakest’ component, the Balluff transducer, has higher resistance to vibration and shock:

With these resistance parameters, the magnettrack system will serve for many years.