Positioning system
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Discrete magnettrack system

In the case of the discrete method of positioning, the measurement of the position of the object is carried out only at individual points of the trajectory of its movement. Discrete systems consist of a BALLUFF transducer mounted on the measurement object and unique interval markers located in the area of the object's positioning points.

This system is divided into two subspecies: discrete and incremental - discrete. More detailed information on these systems is available in the relevant sections.

The features of the discrete magnettrack system in comparison with other types of these systems are:

  • Lower cost, determined only by the number of positioning points and independent of distance;
  • Easy installation and commissioning: interval markers do not require wiring of electrical cables;
  • The flexibility of positioning an object in the area of a positioning point limited by the active length of the BALLUFF transducer;
  • High positioning accuracy, up to hundredths of a mm.

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