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Fixed system with automated accuracy CPFAA

Fixed system with automated accuracy


Magnettrack CPFAA system with automated accuracy is an advanced version of magnettrack CPFMA system with manual accuracy.

Installation of magnetic markers in CPFAA is carried out according to the values in the system passport, as in CPFMA. But unlike the latter, the magnettrack CPFAA system automatically stores the actual measured coordinate of each individual marker into the controller’s memory, thus eliminating the error of its installation.


These systems can be used to measure the movements of objects, for which it is important to control the constancy of movement speed, for example, technological equipment for welding or controlling the geometry of objects.

Key features

  • The linear principle of setting markers, based on a table of markers coordinates;
  • A simple understandable principle of the system, basic troubleshooting;
  • Low demand for resources of the processing controller;
  • The absolute accuracy of the measurement system does not depend on the accuracy of markers installation;
  • Absolute accuracy depends on the non-linearity characteristics of the transducer.

The repeatability of the CPFAA system can be fractions of mm, while the absolute accuracy depends on the following parameters:

  • non-linearity characteristics of the Balluff BTL transducer
  • the distance between the markers and the sensitive surface of the transducer.