Positioning system
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Anti-collision system based on magnettrack continuous system

Continuous systems measure the position of an object at each point in its path. Like a discrete, continuous system consists of a BALLUFF transducer mounted on the measurement object, and a system of positional and / or interval markers.





Features of a continuous system are:

  • Positioning at any point on the trajectory of the object;
  • The ability to implement the anti-collision function of objects;
  • The ability to implement the function of monitoring the wear of wheels and rails;
  • More time consuming installation compared to a discrete or adaptive system.

Continuous systems are divided into two types: fixed and adaptive. While the fixed system requires the installation of markers at predetermined coordinates, the adaptive system allows you to set markers and change their relative and absolute position almost arbitrarily.

More detailed information on these systems is available in the relevant sections.

For more information about continuous positioning system magnettrack in our videos on the YouTube.